IPSC Handgun World Shoot XVIII

The 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XVIII was the 18th Handgun World Shoot held at the new National Shooting Center in Châteauroux, Franceduring the end of August and start of September. There were 30 stages divided into 5 areas, with each area being named after and having themes from one of the 5 continents Africa, […]

Чемпионат мира по практической стрельбе из карабина в Подмосковье объединяет континенты, страны, города и семьи

В первом чемпионате мира по практической стрельбе из карабина, проходящем в Подмосковье в парке «Патриот», принимают участие семь семейных команд из национальных сборных Молдовы, России, США, Испании, Швейцарии и Монголии. «Наш чемпионат по практической стрельбе объединяет континенты, страны, города и семьи. Это один из немногих видов спорта, в котором могут одновременно соревноваться спортсмены различных возрастов. […]

Champion shooter, long-time USPSA president, Michael Voigt passes

Renowned multi-time champion shooter and firearms trainer Michael Voigt has died from cancer. Voigt, who won his first IPSC Handgun World Shoot medal in 1993, worked in research and development for SureFire and Safariland before becoming president of the United States Practical Shooting Association in 2000, an office he held for 12 years. He succumbed […]

Gear Review: Looking at free shot timer apps

I wrote an article some time ago espousing the benefits of owning a shot timer and I stand behind that sentiment. They’re a wonderful tool for all kinds of shooters and you get a lot of value out of a one-time investment. But not everyone is interested in spending money on a niche tool. Fortunately, […]

Mobile apps developer’s life

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